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Resources Created By Teacher's Pet Publications

LitPlan Teacher Pack Lesson PlansLitPlan Teacher Packs - Complete units of study for novels. Chronological lesson plans by chapter/book section with vocabulary, study questions, quizzes, writing assignments, activities, review materials, and multiple unit tests. (Teacher's Pet Publications. Downloadable $16.95; On CD $19.95; Paperback $29.95. Download free with CD or Paperback purchase) View LitPlan Video 1   View LitPlan Video 2

Puzzle Packs: Puzzles, Games, & Worksheets For LiteraturePuzzle Packs - Supplemental puzzles, worksheets, and games for specific novels. (Teacher's Pet Publications. Downloadable $16.95; On CD $19.95; Paperback $29.95. Download free with CD or Paperback purchase) View Puzzle Pack Video

Q&A Presentations: Slides With Questions and Answers for Studying LiteratureQ&A Presentations - Supplemental slide presentations for novel study with study and discussion questions in multiple formats. Same questions as in the LitPlans. (Teacher's Pet Publications. On CD $15.95.) View Q&A Video

Combo Packs: LitPlan, Puzzle Pack, and Q&A for One Title All on One CDCombo Packs - CD-ROM with LitPlan, Puzzle Pack, and Q&A Presentation for specific novels. (Teacher's Pet Publications. CD $24.95. LitPlan & Puzzle Pack download free with CD purchase)

Theme Packs: LitPlan & Puzzle Pack for 3 or 4 Titles Related by ThemeTheme Packs - LitPlan Teacher Pack & Puzzle Pack for 3 or 4 different novels related by theme. (Teacher's Pet Publications. Downloadable. 3 titles $39.00; 4 titles $59.00) 

Create Your Own: Online Tool. Create your own tests and worksheets using our database of materials.Create Your Own (CYO) - Create your own tests, quizzes, and worksheets for novels using our databases of questions & words. Buy for individual novel titles. (Teacher's Pet Publications. On-line use. $16.95) View CYO Video   Test Drive CYO

CCAT: Common Core Based Unit of Study for Individual NovelsA Common Core Approach To Teaching Literature - Supplemental materials for chronological novel study by chapter/book section. Analyzing Passages From The Text, Analyzing Characters, Figurative Language, Elements of Fiction, Literary Devices, Meaning and Inferences, Writing Assignments, Answer Keys/Suggested Answers for each book section. (Teacher's Pet Publications. Paperback $34.95. Digital Download of Student Workbook materials free with paperback purchase. Paperback Student Workbooks available).

LitPlans CT Edition: New LP Editions. More In-Depth and Aligned to CCSSLitPlan Critical Thinking Edition - Complete unit of study. In-depth version of the LitPlans with a focus on critical thinking, language arts, reading comprehension, and life skills, correlated to the CCSS. (Teacher's Pet Publications. Paperback $29.95. Digital Download of Student Workbook materials free with paperback purchase.)

Unit Tests: Multiple Test Sections Mix & Match for Lit TitlesUnit Tests - Unit tests for specific novels. Multiple versions of multiple test parts: matching, multiple choice, short answer, composition, quotations, & vocabulary. (Teacher's Pet Publications. Downloadable $4.99)

Resources From Other Publishers

General Categories

Literature  |  Reading  |  Writing  |  Vocabulary  |  Grammar  |  Professional Development

Specialty Categories

Assessment  |  Classroom Management  |  Critical Thinking  |  Daily Warm-Ups  |  Differentiated Instruction  |  ESL-ELL  | Standardized Testing  |  Technology  |  High Interest Low Reading Level Books

Product & Series Categories

Activity Packs: Activities For Teaching LiteratureActivity Packs - Activities for specific works of literature, by chapter/section. No study questions or tests/quizzes (Prestwick House)

AP Teaching Units: Resources for Teaching Works of Literature to AP ClassesAP Teaching Units - Multiple choice and short answer questions for specific works of literature, by chapter/section based on practicing for AP exams (Prestwick House)

Audiobooks on CDAudio CDs - Audiobooks on CD for specific works of literature (Various Publishers)

DVD Movies of Novels & PlaysDVD Movies - DVD movies of specific works of literature (Various Publishers)

Focus on Reading: Lessons for Building Reading Comprehension Through NovelsFocus On Reading - Lessons for building reading comprehension for struggling readers as they read specific novels. Vocabulary, background info, multiple choice and short answer questions by chapter/book section (Saddleback Educational Publishing)

Grammardog: Lessons for Teaching Grammar Through LiteratureGrammardog Guides To Literature - Grammar exercises & worksheets taken from specific works of literature

Literature Lesson Plans From The Center For LearningLesson Plans For [Title] - Series of lessons with worksheets regarding various aspects of the novel, including themes, plot, character & more. Study questions, unit test, suggested responses. (The Center For Learning)

Levels of Understanding: Study Questions for Novels Based on Bloom's TaxonomyLevels Of Understanding - Questions for specific works of literature, by chapter/section. Each book section has questions separated into these categories: comprehension, reader response, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. No tests or activities. (Prestwick House)

L-I-T Guides: Vocabulary and Comprehension Questions for Elementary & Middle School NovelsL-I-T Guides - Vocabulary and comprehension questions by novel book section. Post-reading activities, answer keys (Educational Impressions)

Literature Kits: Supplemental Worksheets & Reader Response for NovelsLiterature Kits - Supplemental worksheets for specific novels. Multiple choice & short answer questions, vocabulary, a writing assignment for each chapter/book section. (Classroom Complete Press)

Lit Link Novel Study GuidesLit Link Novel Study Guides - Mostly elementary & middle school titles. Before You Read ques
tions, vocabulary, study questions, and an activity/worksheet for each reading section/chapter as a reproducible student booklet. Answer key& some extra activities included. (On The Mark Press/S&S Learning Materials)

Literary Touchstone Classics: Classic Novel and Play Texts Written For Classroom UseLiterary Touchstone Classics - Texts for works of literature designed for use in the classroom: relatively inexpensive with some added content (Prestwick House)

Multiple Critical Perspectives: Lessons Showing Different Critical Analyses of NovelsMultiple Critical Perspectives - General introduction to the work of literature followed by 3 different approaches to looking at the work (some combination of Marxist, Feminist, New Historicism, Psychological/Freudian, and/or Mythological/Archetypal). Each approach has essential questions, a few activities, discussion questions, and some essays/writing assignments. (Prestwick House)

Teacher-Tested Educational Publications Units of Study for NovelsNovel Study Guides - Supplemental worksheets for specific novels. Short answer questions and vocabulary work by chapter/book section, reader response activity worksheets covering a variety of topics (Teacher-Tested Educational Publications)

Novel, Nonfiction, and Other TextsNovel Texts - Read about and order the most popular novel titles. If you don't see the novel title you want here, visit our full-service bookstore website which has over 5 million titles available.(Various Publishers)

Prestwick House Teaching Units for LiteraturePrestwick House Teaching Units - Study questions by chapter/section for specific works of literature. Also has a 20 question multiple choice test, some essay/discussion questions, and some vocabulary words chosen with definitions given. (Prestwick House)

Posters Related to LiteraturePosters - A variety of posters, mostly related to specific works of literature (Various Publishers)

Power Packs: Activities for Middle School LiteraturePower Packs - Activities for specific works of literature, geared towards middle school students. No study questions or tests. (Prestwick House)

Response Journals: Journals With Reader Response Questions for LiteratureResponse Journals - Has many response journal questions for each chapter/section of the work of literature. Also includes 20-question multiple choice test. No other activities or instruction. (prestwick House)

Side By Side Texts: Texts With Modern Translations Next To The Original Side-By-Side Texts - Available for a variety of works by Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc. wtih original text on one side and a modern translation on the other. (Prestwick House)

Teacher Created Resources Lesson Plans For LiteratureTeacher's Guide For Using [Novel Title] In The Classroom - Lesson plans for specific novels. Vocabulary lists, questions by chapter, activities by chapter, short objective test, quotes (Teacher Created Resources)

Interactive Jeopardy-Style Trivia Games For LiteratureTrivia Challenge - Trivia games related to specific works of literature (Prestwick House)

Vocabulary From Literature: In-Depth Vocabulary Study Based on Works of LiteratureVocabulary From Literature - Vocabulary study with words taken from works of literature, by book chapter/section. (Prestwick House)

Newest Literature Lesson Plans & Resources:

  Antigone DramaWorks Teacher's Guide  DramaWorks Teacher's Guide For The Glass Menagerie DramaWorks Guide For A Midsummer Night's Dream DramaWorks Guide For Romeo and Juliet DramaWorks Guide For A Raisin in the Sun DramaWorks Guide For Oedipus The King (Oedipus Rex)  LitPlans Critical Thinking Edition: Dear Mr. Henshaw  Unit Test For The Alchemist  Unit Test For Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl  Unit Test For Animal Farm  Unit Test For Esperanza Rising  Unit Test For The House on Mango Street   

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