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Tired of worksheets and the traditional question-and-answer routine for teaching literature? Try our DramaWorks guides! They're designed to get your students up and moving, discussing, acting, role-playing, and generally having a great time doing "different" learning activities.

DramaWorks Guides Are Designed To:

DramaWorks Teaching Guides For Drama Include:

The Learning and Teaching Guide 

This section of the DramaWorks guide gives you great information and tips for teaching the play. It includes things like how to read the play, the language of the play (especially for Shakespearian works), about the characters and plot, thematic ideas for discussion, as well as notes regarding costuming, props, and the set.

Using Vocabulary From The Text

The focus of the vocabulary work is to get students to actually USE the words. There is a different vocabulary activity for each act. Each activity has the goal of helping students really understand the words and learn how to use them. Different word forms are encouraged, and examples of usage are given.

Scenes For Modern Rewrites or Sections For Close Examination

The older works with archaic language have a section where students rewrite the text into modern language. For other works, there is a section in which selected passages are explored in depth.

The Written Word

We have tried in this section to offer a variety of writing activities that give you ample opportunity to evaluate your students’ writing abilities. We have refrained from labeling the writing “essays” or “research papers” because we would like to give students a lot of leeway in how they present their writing. We also have tried to give you plenty of room to define the assignments more stringently if doing so meets your purposes.

The types of activities offered are Writing from Personal Experience, Writing from Research, and Writing from Interviews. We hope that the assignments will prove to be interesting to both you and your students.

The Exercises

Here you will find three types of exercises that can be done either in or outside of the classroom: Improvisations, Presentations, and Acting.

We should hasten to add that for the classroom teacher, these are also the most challenging, the riskiest to undertake, and the most complicated to apply grades to. We believe, however, that students will learn much from doing some of the exercises we offer—at least as much if not more than they have through the more traditional activities.

More and More Activities

Every DramaWorks guide offers 50 additional activities you could choose to do with your students!

Teaching Organizers

Not sure how to approach all of this? The Teaching Organizers section sets out several different approaches to teaching the play using the materials provided.

CCSS Aligned

Activities in the body of the DramaWorks Guide are CCSS aligned, with the appropriate standards listed for each activity.

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