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I Have Who Has

A Quick, Fun Review


Students really enjoy this review game--and it's so easy to do.

Print out the PDF file. Cut the pages on the horizontal lines & fold the resulting "cards" on the vertical lines. Tape, staple, or glue closed.

How To Play

  • Give each student a "card."
  • Any student can start by reading the WHO HAS side of her card. For example, "Who has the name of the author of 1984?".
  • The student with the answer (Orwell) on the I HAVE side of his card says, "I have Orwell!" That student then reads the WHO HAS side of his card (Who has the name of the superstate ruled by the Party?).
  • The student with the correct answer responds then reads his "WHO HAS," and so on.
  • The game continues until all the cards have been read. 

Print on card stock or laminate your game cards for use year after year.

This is also an easy activity for a substitute teacher to monitor!

I Have Who Has game cards are currently available for these titles (more coming!):