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Q&A Presentations


Engage visual learners and check students' understanding of the novel with one easy activity. Our Q&A Presentations are a visual "slide" representation of the study questions, quiz questions, and discussion questions from our LitPlan literature lesson plans.

Here Are Some Great Features Of the Q&A Presentations

  • Use Adobe Flash technology which works on most computers without additional software
  • If your computer doesn't have Flash, it's free at
  • Short Answer and Discussion Questions come in both QQQAAA and QAQAQA formats
  • QQQAAA is better for giving a quiz; QAQAQA is better for discussion.
  • Complete with menus and slide-to-slide navigation via mouse clicks
  • Use with your interactive whiteboard or any screen
  • You don't need to have the LitPlan for this to work. These are good review/study elements for any novel unit for a particular work of literature.

How To Access Your Q&A Presentation

  • Order and download it to your device.
  • The file you get is a "zipped" file, which just means it's a group of files that need to be extracted or unpacked.
  • Click (right click for Windows users) on the file and extract all the parts.
  • Your computer may ask you where you want the parts saved. Save them.
  • Double click on the red Adobe Flash icon file, which is the .exe file.
  • Navigate by clicking on the on-screen navigation links.
  • To exit the presentation, hit your keyboard ESC key.

Here Are The Currently Available Q&A Presentation Titles: