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Reading Informational Texts: Nonfiction Passages Book II (Grade 10)

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Reading Informational Texts: Nonfiction Passages Book II (Grade 10)

Intended for Grade 10.

80 Pages

ISBN: 9781935468462

Format: PAPERBACK  (No Digital Format Is Available)


Reading Informational Texts adds challenging nonfiction passages to your curriculum, helping you meet the Common Core State Standards.

Informational texts can be difficult to find and teach — even for seasoned teachers — but the annotated passages in Reading Informational Texts help teachers and students alike by revealing rhetorical techniques, explaining historical context, and clarifying logical arguments.

Your students get the information they need, and you save countless hours of prep time. Plus, Reading Informational Texts Level 8 contains the longest texts in the series, making it great for deep analyses.

Texts in Book II:

  • Mark Twain: "Taming the Bicycle"
  • Barack Obama: 2009 Inaugural Address
  • Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt: 1941 State of the Union Address ("Four Freedoms Speech")
  • US Supreme Court: Majority Opinion in the Case of Gideon v. Wainwright

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