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Treasure Island: Lit Links Literature Guide For Teachers (PDF)

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Treasure Island: Lit Links Literature Guide For Teachers  (PDF)


Help your students to develop important reading skills with this Lit Links guide for Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson!

This teacher's guide contains:

  • creative and cross-curricular activities
  • reproducible chapter-by-chapter questions
  • comprehension questions
  • vocabulary study
  • activity cards
  • story synopsis
  • author bio
  • quizzes
  • answer keys

About The Book
Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is one of the most beloved novels ever written. When an old seaman, Billy Bones, dies at young Jim Hawkins' inn, Jim discovers the treasure map of the famed Captain Flint among the old seaman's belongings. With the help of family friends, Dr. Livesey and the squire, a sailing ship is purchased, a crew hired, and led by Captain Smollett, Jim and his friends head for the island on which the treasure is buried. Upon reaching Treasure Island, Long John Silver, the ship's one-legged cook, leads most of the crew in a bloody mutiny against Captain Smollett and the others.


Format: PDF Download

Grades: 7-8

Pages: 64

ISBN: 9781770722545

Publisher: On The Mark Press