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Focus On Reading

Focus On Reading Novel Study Guides

Focus on Reading study guides contain activities that focus on vocabulary and comprehension skills, skills that students need to get the most from  their reading. 

Each work of literature is broken down into sections (chapters or groups of chapters). Each section within the guide has a before-reading Focus Your Reading page containing tools to ensure success: Vocabulary Words to Know, Things to Know, and Questions to Think About. The During Reading section has vocabulary work, multiple choice questions, and short answer questions related to the text. The After Reading section includes a writing assignment that deepens students' understanding of the story. There is an end-of-the book 20-question multiple choice test to assess students' understanding.

The Focus on Reading guides also have helpful sections with a synopsis of the story, a bit about the author, and some background information! Choose a title and look at the sample pages to get a real feel for these guides that focus on reading comprehension.


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