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Day No Pigs Would Die

by Robert Newton Peck  |  Grades: 6-8  |  Ages: 12-14  |  Lexile Level: 690

A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck Teacher Guide, Lesson Plans, Novel UnitAbout A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck 

A story of a Vermont boyhood that is part fiction, part memoir--a moving coming-of-age story that still resonates with teens today.

To a thirteen-year-old Vermont farm boy whose father slaughters pigs for a living, maturity comes early as he learns "doing what's got to be done," especially regarding his pet pig who cannot produce a litter.


"Reading this book is like sipping hot cider in front of a crackling potbellied stove. Every page is suffused with wit and charm and glowing with warmth."- Newsweek

"A lovely book. . . . Honest, moving, homely in the warm and simple sense of the word. . . . It is small, accepting and loving and it succeeds perfectly."- Boston Globe

"You'll find yourself caught up in the novel's emotion from the very opening scene. . . . Love suffuses every page."- The New York Times

"With plenty of Yankee common sense and dry wit, and some pathos as the boy at 13 takes on the duties of a man. For boys of this age and for the young of any age."-- School Library Journal.

Biographical Notes About Robert Newton Peck

Robert Newton Peck (1928 -   ) comes from generations of Yankee farmers. Like the Vermont folk he writes about in his novel, he was raised as a boy in the Shaker Way, which endured even after the sect itself had died out. Its view of life is embodied in the character of his young protagonist's father, who believed that a faith is more blessed when put to use than when put to word: "A man's worship counts for naught, unless his dog and cat are the better for it."

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