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Teaching Character In Lit And In Life

Posted by Mary Collins on Jan 10th 2019

We teach the elements of fiction over and over and over again as we teach novel after novel, and character is certainly an important element of fiction, but do we really take advantage of the opportun … read more

Which Literature Guide Is Right For You?

Posted by Mary Collins on Jan 3rd 2019

We have a lot of teaching guide choices for some of the most popular titles. Deciding which one is best for you can be challenging. Here's a little summary about the products, that might help you:I Ne … read more

A Book To Consider: Hiroshima by John Hersey

Posted by Mary B Collins on Aug 16th 2017

With the current threats of nuclear war hovering in the air, you might want to consider exploring John Hersey's book Hiroshima with your students this fall.Hersey interviewed survivors right after the … read more

Ways To Incorporate Nonfiction Into Your Literature Unit

Posted by Mary B Collins on Mar 13th 2017

We're living in The Information Age, a time when there is more information about EVERYTHING more readily available than ever before in human history. Yet, ironically, students' knowledge of background … read more

Foreshadowing in Literature: Why Studying It Is So Important

Posted by Mary B Collins on Nov 11th 2016

Being a terrible writer of fiction myself, I've always admired authors who are able to craft their stories with close attention to details, using literary devices like foreshadowing. We typically thin … read more