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Novel Unit Tests

Students are quick to share test information. You need to be quicker. Stay one step ahead of your students by downloading a new unit test now.

Our end-of-the-book unit tests are solid, multi-purpose whole-book tests designed to give you the maximum flexibility. There are several different sections, each with a different format and focus. Also, each test section is set up so it can be used separately or included together with other sections.

Matching: Focus is on identification of characters, places, symbols.
Multiple Choice: Focus is on easily answered questions, mostly factual.
Short Answer: Focus is on questions that usually start with words like "describe," "how," or "why," requiring a little more thought.
Quotations: Focus is on a few key quotations from the work.
Composition: Focus is on theme, character development, and other meaty topics.
Vocabulary: Focus is on matching the words to their definitions, usually 20-25 words. Same list as the LitPlans use.

Answer keys are given for Matching, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Vocabulary. Quotes and Composition have no directions so you can set your own criteria and no answers for the same reason.

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Literature Unit Tests For Your Novel Units Are Available For These Titles: