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Activity Packs

Activities To Go With Your Novel Unit

Each Activity Pack includes activities for each section of the book as well as whole-book activities.

Teacher notes are included with each activity.

The activities cover things like:

  • Recognizing the importance of setting in creating the atmosphere of the work
  • Understanding the importance of word choice
  • Understanding character revelation
  • Understanding the interaction between character traits and plot development
  • Understanding conflict
  • Understanding the relationships between characters
  • Understanding symbolism

These are just a few examples; each activity pack focuses on the elements of fiction and reading/writing/thinking skills that the particular work most lends itself to.

Just a note: Activity Packs contain activities--no study questions or unit tests or vocabulary work, just lots and lots of activities.

Go to the title that interests you, and click on the View Sample Pages button to see some of the activities in that particular novel's Activity Pack.