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Grammardog Guides

Grammardog - Grammar Practice Using Novel Passages

Are you looking for an easy way for students to improve their language arts skills within your novel study? Grammardog Guides for Literature have got you covered!

Each guide has a series of multiple-choice worksheets—totaling 200-250 questions—that are designed to give your students practice with grammar, proofreading, sentence types, figurative language, literary devices, imagery, allusions & symbols, theme and more. Best of all, the questions presented are based on the work of literature you are studying, so your students can stay focused on the text and deepen their reading comprehension while improving their language arts skills.

These worksheets are great as "bell-ringer warm-ups," center activities, or whole-class activities during your novel study unit. They're good for substitute teacher days or as extra-credit opportunities, too! 

Answer keys are provided for every worksheet, so assessing students' work is fast and easy.