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Dual Language Packs

For students whose native language is not English, participating in regular classwork is sometimes a big challenge. And it's a challenge, too, for you--trying to find ways to help them fit in with the class, to teach them the material that needs to be covered, and to assess their understanding.

Our Dual Language English-Spanish novel study packs address these problems head-on and provide an excellent solution.

We have put Spanish translations directly next to the English for the study guide questions, multiple choice quizzes, discussion questions, vocabulary list, and matching portion of the vocabulary worksheets from our LitPlans plus created unit tests also in the English-Spanish format. 

Multiple-Choice & Matching

Short Answer And Discussion Questions


The vocabulary worksheets for each reading assignment are the same as in the LitPlans, with the Spanish translations of the definitions next to the English. There are also a couple of extra whole-unit vocabulary worksheets students can use for practice and review.

Unit Tests

The unit tests are also side-by-side translated and are basically the same as the LitPlans, with a variety of sections: matching, multiple choice, short answer, and vocabulary. There are also some essay questions for ELLs whose English skills are good enough for that.

A Real Help To You And Your Spanish-Speaking Students

All of these components will help your Spanish-speaking students participate in your novel unit, help to facilitate learning and assessment, and help to assimilate your students into your classes.

Dual Language Packs Are Currently Available For These Titles: