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Dual Language Packs


Are you an English teacher looking for a way to help your Spanish-speaking students better understand novels and take part in your class discussions? Our Dual Language English-Spanish Novel Study Guides offer the perfect solution! These guides put Spanish translations right next to the English, making it easier for Spanish-speakers in your class to truly understand them. You can also use the guides to accurately assess their comprehension of the book.


  • Short Answer Chapter Study Questions 
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Vocabulary Worksheets
  • 5 Unit Tests With Multiple Parts (Matching, Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Vocabulary)

These resources are taken from the LitPlan Novel Study units, so if you are using the LitPlan, your Spanish-speaking student can follow right along with the rest of the class--but you don't have to have/use the LitPlan Novel Study unit to use the Dual Language Packs! 

With our Dual Language English-Spanish novel study guides, you don't need to know Spanish, and your students don't need to know English. You’ll be able to help your Spanish-speaking students grow their English vocabulary, have better insights into the book, and participate in your regular class activities. Order today and get started with these helpful study guides!

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