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Amish Adventure

by Barbara Smucker  |  Grades: 7-8  |  Age: 12+  | Reading Level: 5.1   

Amish Adventure by Barbara Smucker novel units, lesson plans, teacher guides, activities

About Amish Adventure by Barabara Smucker

An auto accident with an Amish buggy sends 12-year-old Ian McDonald into the bewildering world of the "Plain People". Although he's confused by the clothes that look like they are about 200 years out of date and the absence of 20th-century conveniences such as cars and electricity, Ian gets to know the family he lives with and comes to love and respect them.

A Brief Biography of Barbara Smucker

Barbara Claassen Smucker (1 September 1915 – 29 July 2003) was an American writer, primarily of children's fiction, who lived in Canada from 1969 to 1993. She is the author of twelve books, including Underground to Canada (1977) which is still widely studied in Canadian schools and Days of Terror (1979) which won the Canada Council Children's Literature Prize. In 1988, she received the Vicky Metcalf Award for a distinguished body of writing.

Born Barbara Claassen in Newton, Kansas, she studied for a year at Bethel College and then went to Kansas State University where she received a Bachelor's degree in journalism in 1936. After graduation, she taught high school for a year and then worked as a journalist for The Evening Kansan-Republican. In 1939 she married Donovan Smucker, a Mennonite pastor and academic specialising in Christian ethics. They moved to Canada in 1969, where Donovan taught at Conrad Grebel College in Ontario while Barbara worked as a librarian, first as the children's librarian at Kitchener Public Library and then as the head librarian of Renison College (1977–1982). Most of her books were published while they were living in Canada. The couple returned to the United States in 1993, settling in Bluffton, Ohio. Donovan died in 2001. Barbara died two years later in the Mennonite Memorial Home at the age of 87. She was survived by two sons and a daughter.

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