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Behind Rebel Lines

by Semour Reit  |  Grades 6-8  |  Lexile 830  |  Reading Level 7.2

Seymour Reit, the creator of Casper the friendly ghost, blends fact with fiction in this captivating Civil War tale about one woman who dared to go behind enemy lines as a spy for the Union Army.

Canadian-born Emma Edmonds loved the thrill of adventure and chasing freedom, so in 1861 when the American Civil War began, she enlisted in the Union Army. With cropped hair and men's clothing, Emma transformed herself into a peddler, slave, bookkeeper and more, seamlessly gathering information and safely escaping each time. 

This fictionalized biography about the daring exploits of a cunning master of disguise, risking discovery and death for the sake of freedom, will inspire readers for generations to come.

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