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Acorn People, The

by Ron Jones  |  Grades: 6-8 |  Lexile 720 

The Acorn People, a very special group of disabled children, make their dreams come true at Camp Wiggin--swimming, staging a play, even hiking up Lookout Mountain! The Acorn People prove to the world that with encouragement and determination, nothing is impossible.
This true story of a boy who must overcome prejudice and weakness to treat a group of special needs children with the respect--and love--they deserve "will give your innards a bear hug. . . . You will read this book with a lump in your throat." (Lincoln Journal)
From Ron Jones, a teacher who started the classroom program that inspired the movie The Wave, comes a memoir about a life-changing summer.

Ron expected that his time as a counselor at Camp Wiggin would be filled with sunny days spent hiking, swimming, and boating. But when he arrives on day one, his illusions are quickly shattered. He knew that the kids would be "handicapped," but he didn't anticipate having to care for children who can barely walk or see or retain the use of their limbs. At first, the severity of the campers' disabilities seems too much to bear. But everything changes once Ron gets to know his group--kids who call themselves "the Acorn People" because of the acorn necklaces they wear around their necks. The campers teach him that, inside, they are the same as any average kid, and with encouragement, determination, and friendship, nothing is impossible.

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