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Mythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes

by Edith Hamilton  |  Grades 8-12  

For over fifty years readers have chosen this book above all others to discover the thrilling, enchanting, and fascinating world of Western mythology. From Odysseus's adventure-filled journey to the Norse god Odin's effort to postpone the final day of doom, Edith Hamilton's classic collection not only retells these stories with brilliant clarity but shows us how the ancients saw their own place in the world and how their themes echo in our consciousness today.

An essential part of every home library, Mythology is the definitive volume for anyone who wants to know the key dramas, the primary characters, the triumphs, failures, fears, and hopes first narrated thousands of years ago--and still spellbinding to this day.

Available Teacher Guides, Novel Units, Lesson Plans, and Activities for Hamilton's Mythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes: