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Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The

by Mark Twain  |  Grades 5-8  |  Lexile 570   

Twain’s classic, imaginative story of boyhood follows Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer through their hilarious misadventures. Though less weighty than Huck Finn, the light-heartedness of the story and it’s telling makes this a favorite among teachers and students. From playing pirates on a deserted island to attending his own "funeral," from exploring a bat-filled underground cave to digging for treasure in a haunted house, Tom Sawyer is a genius at getting himself and his friends into and out of sometimes dangerous adventures. When he and his pal, Huck Finn, stumble on a midnight murder, Tom almost meets his match in evil Injun Joe. Joe has hidden a golden, ill-gotten treasure that Tom means to find...if Joe doesn't get him first!

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