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Teaching Literature Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.
Whether you are in a traditional classroom, remote, distance, or online teaching, homeschooling, or tutoring, Teacher's Pet Publications has the resources you need for teaching literature!
Worksheets, novel units, as well as Google Classroom and interactive digital lessons are some of the many downloadable resources we have to support your K-12 literature curriculum.

Teacher Guides For Novels At A Glance:

AP Literature Units: Study questions for novels and plays based on the AP Exam question format

AP Lit Units


PDF Downloads
95+ Titles Available
Mostly Grades 9-12

Build an excellent AP* Literature curriculum and give students a competitive advantage on the AP exam with Prestwick House AP Literature Teaching Units. These ready-to-use AP Literature unit plans and lessons plans will save you hours of prep time- time that you can spend more efficiently with students. Combine test prep with the literature you’re already teaching. Students will benefit from the challenging multiple-choice and free-response questions that mimic those they’ll encounter on the AP Literature and Composition Exam.

Background Notes, Practice Questions w Answer Keys, Questions for Research & Discussion.

*Advanced Placement, AP, and the Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse, these products.

DramaWorks--A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Literature

Drama Works


PDF Download
6 Titles Available
Grades 10-12

DramaWorks guides are designed to give teachers a working understanding of the play and a high level of comfort in analytical discussions of the play, to provide a variety of activities that can be done in class and/or at home, to create and interactive classroom with informative discussions and active student participation in projects and activities. DramaWorks teaching guides include: a synopsis of the play, a learning and teaching guide, using vocabulary from the text, scenes for modern rewrites or passages for closer examination, writing assignments, role-playing exercises, additional activity ideas, and teacher organizers.

No chapter questions or tests – just lots of hands-on activities and analytical info

Flip Books--Creative Novel Study Guides

Dual Language


PDF Download
10 Titles Available
Grades 5-12

For students whose native language is not English, participating in regular classwork is sometimes a big challenge. And it’s a challenge too, for you – trying to find ways to help them fit in with the class, to teach them the material that needs to be covered, and to assess their understanding. Our Dual Language English-Spanish novel study packs provide an excellent solution. We have put Spanish translations directly next to the English for the study guide questions, multiple choice quizzes, discussion questions, vocabulary lists, and matching portion of the vocabulary worksheets from our LitPlans plus created unit tests also in the English-Spanish format.

No daily lessons or activities – just study questions, discussion questions, vocabulary, and tests.

Instant Short Story Packs --text, questions, activities all in one pack

Instant Short Stories


PDF Download
29 Titles Available
Grades K-8

These short store resources are a fabulous new addition to our inventory. How many times have you wanted to teach a short story and had to track down the text in one place, some questions in another place, and activities yet somewhere else?! With everything you need in one comprehensive pdf file, these classic short story units are great to keep on hand for 2-3 day lesson plans for substitute teachers or as a short unit of study in between longer units. Use several together to create a short story unit of study in between longer units. Use several together to create a short story unit study, or use them individually to give students another quick look at an author’s work in addition to your novel study. They could be used in literature circles, with each group studying a different story.

Short story text plus questions and activities, graphic organizers, and answer keys.

Multiple Critical Perspectives Guides for Analyzing Novels

Multiple Perspectives


PDF Download
78 Titles Available
Grades 9-12

With Multiple Critical Perspectives, your students will look at the same book through three different critical viewpoints. The viewpoints chosen for each work depend on what the work best lends itself to – feminist, Marxist, mew historicism, formalism, mythological/archetypal, or psychoanalytic. Each multiple Critical Persectives guide is divided into four parts: a general introduction to the work and then one section for each of the critical lenses being applied to that work. Each critical section includes: notes about that approach, essential questions, three activities, discussion questions, and writing assignments.

Analysis, resources, and activities for looking at a work of literature from different perspectives.