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Planning and teaching a novel study can feel overwhelming, especially if you're new to it. That's why LitPlan Novel Study Units are the perfect way to make it easy! Our materials provide a comprehensive unit of study with all the curriculum materials needed for a successful literary exploration.

Each unit contains detailed daily lesson plans that provide step-by-step instructions for an exploration of the work. They also include prereading vocabulary worksheets so your students will gain familiarity with challenging words before jumping in, plus study questions and multiple-choice quizzes for every reading assignment, three detailed writing assignments, five different unit tests, as well as activities and games for an even deeper dive into the content. A related nonfiction assignment is included as an additional learning opportunity, plus there are review materials, and more!

Whether you've taught this novel before or it's completely new to you, our LitPlan Novel Study Units make it easy to bring a meaningful learning experience to your students--without stress! Follow our plan A-Z or pick-and-choose the parts you would like to add to your own novel unit! The unique format of the LitPlans allows you a lot of flexibility!

Regardless of how you utilize the LitPlan Novel Study Unit, you can spend less of your "at home" time working on lesson plans--and have more quality time with family and friends! Get yours today!

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