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Google Forms Quizzes

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to check students' reading comprehension? Look no further than our Google Forms Quizzes for Literature! We’ve designed these quizzes with reading comprehension in mind, so you can rely on them to confirm that not only have your students completed the assignment, but that they have also understood what they’ve read. Best of all, all the quizzes are self-grading, which makes them a breeze for teachers to manage.

Each title comes with a bundle of multiple-choice quizzes, one for each reading assignment. The questions are the same as the multiple-choice quizzes in our LitPlan Novel Study units, but you don't need to use the LitPlan Novel Study to enjoy the benefits of our Google Forms Quizzes for Literature.

Lots of teachers have told us that their students really love doing these interactive assessments instead of taking traditional, paper-and-pen quizzes. These are ideal for anyone who uses Google Drive or Google Classroom--and affordable enough that you could get them for all the novels you teach!

They're printable, too!

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