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Theme Packs

Try Something A Little Different!

Theme Packs give you the LitPlan Teacher Packs and Puzzle Packs for three or four books related by theme. 

You can teach several books at once within one class because the LitPlans and Puzzle Packs give you all the resources you need for each book.

How It Works

One way to do this is to create student workbooks from the LitPlan study guides, writing assignments, etc. (include whatever you want) for each book and make the appropriate number of copies for the students in each book group.

Monitor the groups' progress and assess each student's reading comprehension occasionally using the Multiple Choice Questions as quizzes.

If you have given each group discussion questions, try to have them hold major discussions on different days so you can be a part of the discussions--to monitor and guide.

Monitor students as they work their way through their student packets in their groups. Collect any writing or other assignments you have given them throughout the unit.

When the groups have finished their working sessions, spend a few class periods comparing and contrasting the books, especially with regard to the theme. What does each author seem to be saying about the theme? 

You can do all kinds of things with this: small group discussions, theme projects, writing or research assignments--anything you want, really, depending on the theme.

Or you can devise your own way of using the many resources provided in the Theme Pack!

Theme Packs Are GREAT For:

These titles are currently available and more are on the way: