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Theme Packs

Novel Study Theme Packs

Get the most out of your novel study with our Theme Packs! Our Theme Packs make it really easy to differentiate instruction and broaden your thematic discussions.

Each Theme Pack has complete resources for three or four different books with the same basic theme. Your students can choose which of the books seem most interesting to them, or you can easily assign one of the books based on students' reading levels. The LitPlans have study questions, assignments, and assessments on a variety of levels, too, so you have lots of materials available to print out for each student. Answer keys are provided for the study questions, quizzes, vocabulary work, and tests (though no answers are given for the "essay" or "discussion" type questions).

Since all the books are related to the same theme, students can come together as a class to talk about how the theme is developed in different ways in each story, broadening your discussions and students' exposure to a variety of facets of the theme.

Theme Packs are a great value, too! At just $39 (three-book packs) or $59 (four-book packs), you save a ton of money over buying all the LitPlans and Puzzle Packs separately! Try a Theme Pack today!




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