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Macbeth Study Flash Cards

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Macbeth Study Flash Cards


Flash Cards Never Go Out Of Style.

Download-Print-Cut-Fold-Study. Easy.

Our Study Flash Cards for Shakespeare's Macbeth are an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool you can give your students for their end-of-the-book review. 

  • Make a couple of sets to leave in an in-class learning center as an extra activity to do
  • Print out a set for each student and let the students cut and fold them for their own use
  • Use them for "pairs" work
  • Use them as clues and answers for any review game

This set includes:

  • 42 Study Flash Cards for Macbeth with important people, places, things, and/or words to complete quotations 
  • 10 pages
  • Downloadable PDF file


  • Print the card pages
  • Cut on the horizontal lines
  • Fold on the vertical lines
  • Glue, tape, or staple closed (optional)