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Macbeth Digital Student Lessons

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PDF downloads are available immediately after purchase. You have 90 days to download the files and you may download them up to 5 times to save them to your devices for use in your own classroom.
Macbeth Digital Lessons For Literature


Digital Teaching Resources For Literature

These lessons are prepared to help students read and study the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

These student lessons are taken from my LitPlan Teacher Packs and can be used in conjunction with those materials, or they can be used alone. Answer keys are included in a separate file in the bundle of files that go with this product.

These lessons are not intended to be an elaborate array of creative lesson plans for whole-class study; rather, a series of worksheets and activities that will help with and check students’ basic understanding of the novel and will provide some written and other exercises to help improve students’ critical thinking skills.

These lessons are created in Adobe PDF format, with form areas where students can interactively fill in their answers using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The lessons may be uploaded to your Google Drive for Google Classroom or made available in an online password-protected environment for your students to download, complete, and electronically return to you either within your system or via email attachment.

Posting these materials in whole or in part in any area of the Internet that is accessible by the general public or by indexing bots is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright law.

This digital unit for Macbeth includes 13 separate digital lessons:

Lesson 1: Vocabulary, Study Questions, Reader Response for Act I
Lesson 2: Vocabulary, Study Questions, Reader Response for Act II
Lesson 3: Vocabulary, Study Questions, Reader Response for Act III, Writing Assignment #1
Lesson 4: Vocabulary, Study Questions, Reader Response for Act IV
Lesson 5: Vocabulary, Study Questions, Reader Response for Act V
Lesson 6: Critical Thinking Questions
Lesson 7: Quotations
Lessons 8: Tragedy
Lessons 9: Nonfiction
Lesson 10: Writing Assignment 2
Lesson 11: Writing Assignment 3 
Lesson 12: Enrichment Activities
Lesson 13: Review

Also Included: Introduction and Answer Key files

Each lesson is its own PDF file, to make giving and collecting individual assignments easier.

Google Classroom Note: The digital interactive PDF lessons are PDF files, not Google Docs. If you open them with Doc Hub in Google Drive, the interactive fill-in spaces are all there. When you open the file in Google Drive, if you right click on the doc, a menu with "Open With" as an option should come up. Doc Hub should be an option there. If it is not, here is a link to how to make it available: