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Their Eyes Were Watching God Levels Of Understanding

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Levels Of Understanding


 Teach your students the skills to critically evaluate literature and have them develop the knowledge and habits required by the Common Core State Standards with Prestwick House's Levels of Understanding.

This guide allows you to put Bloom's taxonomy into full practice in your classroom, and guarantees that each and every title you teach will get your students another step closer to their goal of college and career readiness.

This Levels of Understanding guide to The Great Gatsby contains units comprised of five types of questions, from the lowest level of Bloom's hierarchy of skills to the highest:

  • Comprehension questions assess students' basic understanding of the text, providing a framework for a fundamental understanding of plot and character.
  • Reader Response questions allow students to respond to the text, making important personal judgments and connections to the work of literature.
  • Analysis questions help students examine craft and structure by requiring them to examine how various techniques and literary or theatrical devices function in the literature they're studying.
  • Synthesis questions bridge the gap between analysis and evaluation to foster the integration of knowledge and ideas, as students draw on their own understanding to form conclusions about themes, motifs, style, imagery, and more.
  • Evaluation questions challenge students to make qualitative judgments in order to determine whether a particular aspect within the text is effective or ineffective, necessary or redundant.