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Digital Lessons For Literature

Interactive Digital Lessons for Literature

Great for Google Classroom, distance or remote learning, homeschooling, or regular classroom use!

Each novel has a bundle of individual lesson files your students can complete (right in the pdf file!), save, and return to you for grading.

You can post all the files at once or select individual files to upload for your students to use.

The lesson files include student materials from the LitPlans--Vocabulary, Study Questions, Critical Thinking Questions, Writing Assignments, Review Materials, plus Reader Response assignments.

The lessons may be uploaded to your Google Drive for Google Classroom or made available in your school's learning management system for your students to download, complete, and electronically return to you either within your system or via email attachment.

Posting these materials in whole or in part in any area of the Internet that is accessible by the general public or by search engines is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws.