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1984 AP Interactive PDF Literature Unit

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ZIP file (containing individual PDF files). Download is available immediately after purchase. Download link is good for 90 days or 5 downloads, whichever comes first. You are allowed up to 5 downloads for your own devices.
1984 AP Interactive PDF Literature Unit


Advanced Placement Materials for Orwell's 1984

This AP Literature Unit for 1984 includes:

  • Multiple choice and free response questions that are modeled on those students will encounter on the AP Literature Exam
  • Chapter-by-chapter study guide that requires students to analyze literary devices and explain their effects on the meaning of the text as a whole, not just regurgitate plot points
  • Thorough, well-researched lecture notes that provide you with essential background information to pass on to your students

Save dozens of hours on creating instructional material that meets the needs of your Advanced Placement students!

Combine literature study with AP test preparation--so you don't have to choose between teaching literature and "teaching to the test."

New Interactive PDF Format! Great for Distance Learning, Google Classroom

Your students can type their answers right into the pdf files, save them, and return them to you via email, your school's learning management system, or Google Classroom.* 

You will get a file marked “Teacher” which has the original pdf of the AP Teaching Unit, including the answer keys. The remainder of the files are student response pages for the various study questions, multiple choice questions, and discussion/essay questions.

We have put the various response pages into separate files so that you have the option of assigning certain parts at a time instead of giving the whole unit to students at once. We have attempted to make the file names correlate to the activities they contain, to make finding what you need easier.

These lessons are created in Adobe PDF format, with form areas where students can fill in their answers. The student response files may be uploaded to Google Classroom or made available in an online password-protected environment for your students to download, complete, and electronically return to you either within your system or via email attachment.

Posting these materials in whole or in part in any area of the Internet that is accessible by the general public or by indexing bots is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright law.

The file you will download is a .zip file. To use the contents you simply need to unzip (extract) the individual files from the file you download. In Windows, just right click on the .zip file and choose the "extract" option. 

*Google Classroom Note:
The digital interactive PDF lessons are PDF files, not Google Docs. If you open them with Doc Hub in Google Drive, the interactive fill-in spaces are all there. When you open the file in Google Drive, if you right click on the doc, a menu with "Open With" as an option should come up. Doc Hub should be an option there. If it is not, here is a link to how to make it available:

AP Teaching Units are published by Prestwick House, Inc. and are copyrighted materials. These files are licensed for one teacher for his/her own classroom use.