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Hatchet Interactive PDF Unit Test

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Hatchet Interactive PDF Unit Test


Students can type their answers right into the .pdf file!

This unit test for Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is a solid multi-purpose unit test. 16 pages including answer keys. Use it to refresh your LitPlan or use it with your own unit of study!

 This end-of-the-book test for Hatchet includes:

  • Matching (10)
  • Multiple Choice (8)
  • Short Answer (10)
  • Quotations (5)
  • Composition/Extended Answer (5)
  • Vocabulary (20)

Answer Keys are given for Matching, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Vocabulary. 

There are TWO files: one is the Student file (no answers) and there is a Teacher file (with answers)

  • Works great with Google Classroom*, any school learning management system, or even via email between you and your students.
  • In your directions to students, you can easily assign all or parts of the test to be completed.
  • Students can type their answers into the form fields on the .pdf unit test document, save the document, and send it back to you for grading.
  • If you would prefer to print out the tests so you can work with paper copies, you can easily do that just like with any other .pdf file. Where the interactive form fields are will just remain blank on paper copies. If students type in answers, the answers will show in printed copies as well. 
*Google Classroom Note: These are PDF files, not Google Docs. If you open them with Doc Hub in Google Drive, the interactive fill-in spaces will all be there. When you open the file in Google Drive, if you right click on the doc, a menu with "Open With" as an option should come up. Doc Hub should be an option there. If it is not, here is a link to how to very easily make it available: