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Tangerine Google Forms Quizzes

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The pdf document with your links is in your account immediately after your purchase. Links to that pdf are good for 90 days or 5 downloads, whichever comes first. Copy the quizzes onto your Google Drive within 90 days.
Tangerine Google Forms Quizzes

Self-Grading Google Forms Quizzes For Tangerine

If you are using Google Classroom or assigning student work through your Google Drive, these Google Forms Quizzes for Tangerine by Edward Bloor will save you tons of prep and grading time!

How Does This Work?

  • From your account you will download a pdf document that has links to the quizzes.
  • When you click those links, you will be prompted to save a copy of each to your Google Drive.
  • From there, you use the documents as you would any of your Google Drive documents.
  • These quizzes are editable, so you can add or delete questions and adjust settings

What's Included?

The pdf document you receive will have links to:

A Read Me First pdf document with important information
A More Resources pdf document with links to more resources for teaching Tangerine

Quiz 1   (8 points)  (Beginning Through Wednesday, August 23)

Quiz 2   (13 points)  (Monday, August 28 Through Thursday, September 7)

Quiz 3   (6 points)  (Friday, September 8 Through The End Of Part 1)

Quiz 4   (11 points)  (Monday, September 18 Through Friday, September 22, Later)

Quiz 5   (12 points)  (Saturday, September 23 Through Thursday, October 5)

Quiz 6   (12 points)  (Thursday, November 2 Through The End Of Part 2)  

Quiz 7   (12 points)  (Monday, November 20 Through Thursday, November 23)  

Quiz 8   (13 points)  (Friday, November 24 Through Friday, December 1)  

Quiz 9   (13 points)  (Saturday, December 2 Through The End Of The Book)  

The number of "points" is the number of multiple choice questions.

What Kinds Of Questions Are In The Quizzes?

The questions are the multiple choice questions taken exactly from the LitPlan Teacher Pack teacher guide for Tangerine. Most are comprehension questions, but some delve a little deeper.

Copyright Information

These Google Forms Quizzes for Tangerine are copyrighted materials. They are licensed for one teacher to use with his/her students in a closed environment like Google Classroom or any school learning management system that is not open to the public or accessed by search engines. Any sharing, copying, or use for any other purpose is a violation of copyright law. 

You may modify these quizzes to suit your own classroom needs, but you may not then copyright, share, or distribute them in any way without written permission from Teacher's Pet Publications.


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