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More About LitPlans


You owe it to yourself and your students to make the best use of your work time.

  • That means not spending your time reinventing the wheel creating a novel unit from scratch.
  • LitPlans have all the basics covered; don't waste your time picking out vocabulary words, writing study questions, creating quizzes and tests, scheduling the reading assignments, and all those things we're already done.
  • Use some of your novel unit planning time more effectively to create a few special assignments that are exceptionally creative and specific to the kids in your class. 

You need time to recharge yourself.

  • Stop working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • When you're worn out and stressed, you're not at the top of your game, and that doesn't help anybody.
  • LitPlans relieve you from dozens of hours of planning time.
  • Take the opportunity to spend some extra time with family and friends--to relax and refresh yourself.
  • You'll be more productive, make better decisions, and probably be nicer to be around. :-) 

You can rest assured.

  • With LitPlans, the whole novel unit study is done.
  • You don't have to worry Sunday night because you don't have Monday's lessons ready.
  • You don't have to go by the seat of your pants, a few chapters ahead of your students.
  • You don't have to wonder if you're missing something really important.
  • You don't have to hope you've covered the standards. 

Your students will experience success.

  • The structure of the LitPlans virtually guarantees success for your students.
  • When you follow the LitPlan, there aren't any gaps or hidden surprises; there's a structure, a rhythm, a flow to the lessons--so students know what's coming and what's important.
  • The student materials give you flexibility, to adapt your novel unit lessons to multiple levels of students. For example, for a lower level you may put more emphasis on the basic study questions but for a higher level you might put more emphasis on the writing assignments or projects.
  • LitPlans have elements of repetition and review built in so students have plenty of chances to "get it" before the final test comes. If they do the assignments and use the study materials, they'll succeed in the unit.  

Like thousands of other teachers, you can trust LitPlans. 

  • We've been doing this a long time--about 30 years--and we know what we're doing. 
  • We've seen teaching fads come and go, a variety of sets of educational jargon come and go, and, yes, even those all-important standards change and change again.
  • But sound educational principles do not change.
  • When you do it right, no matter what the current jargon is, no matter what the current "standards" are, teaching well is teaching well.
  • That's what LitPlans do: they give you materials based on sound educational principles so that you and your students will succeed.
  • LitPlan materials are thorough, they're vetted, they've been used successfully by tens of thousands of teachers.   

Here's what's already done for you in our LitPlan literature lesson plans:  

  • Short Answer Study Questions for each reading assignment
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes for each reading assignment
  • Vocabulary Worksheets for each reading assignment
  • Daily Lessons that are practical with a reading schedule and homework assignments incorporated along with class activities, group and individual activities, review lessons, and more
  • Critical Thinking Discussion Questions divided by level: interpretive, critcal, critical with personal response, and personal response
  • 3 Detailed Writing Assignments with student instructions--including informational writing, persuasive writing, and expressing personal opinions or creative writing
  • 5 Unit Tests Two are short answer, two are multiple choice, one is advanced short answer. They come in multiple parts and you can mix-and-match the sections. There are plenty of materials to vary the level of your assessments, as well as to do make-up tests.
  • Extra Resource Materials for unit and vocabulary review, including crosswords, word searches, matching, and more
  • Evaluation Forms for evaluating oral reading, writing, and the related nonfiction reading assignment
  • Practical Resources like bulletin board ideas, ideas for other activities and writing assignments, and ideas for related topics for research or discussion
  • Bookmarks in the pdf files 

Download, Open, and Teach

  • Our LitPlans are so thorough you could just download them tonight and start teaching tomorrow morning. They include a step-by-step novel unit teaching plan that is great for new teachers and homeschoolers as well as for veteran teachers who are rushed for time. 
  • The unique format of our novel lesson plans makes them very flexible. You can use the step-by-step daily lesson plans we provide, or you could use the many excellent resources in our LitPlans to supplement your own unit plan.
  • Our LitPlans are based on the original works of literature, and the level of the units are based on the grade levels in which those works are usually taught. In general, they are written to the middle-of-the-road students but can be easily adapted for higher or lower levels by switching out a few assignments or by changing the criteria on which assignments are graded. 

Reasonably Priced

  • A great value at just $16.95, LitPlans are more thorough than some teaching units that are twice the price!
  • Add a backup CD if you're a little uncomfortable with getting just the download.
  • Add a paperback copy if you're a teacher who prefers to have that format.
  • In any case, you get the downloadable file so you can start looking at it and working with it ASAP! 

You Might Also Like To Know

  • We have LitPlans for over 170 titles usually taught in grades 4-12.
  • The books we chose have a wide variety of topics and themes.
  • LitPlans are written by experienced classroom teachers.
  • We're still adding new LitPlans every year.
  • We want to make LitPlan titles you want, so please give us title suggestions. 

We have other products specifically designed to work with the LitPlans:

  • Puzzle Packs have worksheets, puzzles, and games designed to help your students review the content and vocabulary from the whole book. They are based on elements in the LitPlans.
  • Q&A Presentations give you a visual presentation of the short answer, multiple choice, and discussion questions from the LitPlans.
  • Flash Cards using the LitPlan word lists make a fun review game, as do the I Have Who Has game resources.
  • Our novel Unit Tests can refresh your LitPlan's unit test section.
  • The LitPlans and all of these resources can be used independently, but together they give you many options!