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Notes On Tpet Website Changes

I hope these notes will help existing customers quickly adapt to the few changes that have been made. As always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to come onto chat or send me an email.

Home Page

The main menu is still at the top but the drop-down menus are horizontal instead of vertical. If you read them left to right, they'll probably make more sense.

The Featured Items and Just Arrived items only show 4 items, but if you click on the circles at the bottom of that block, you can move forward or backwards horizontally to see more items.

The Search field will appear if you click on Search at the very top of the page.

Product Pages

When you are looking at a product, there are three tabs now: DESCRIPTION, VIDEO, and SPECS. Just click on the word of the information you want. In most cases, the DESCRIPTION tab opens by default. If you do not see any of the other tabs, that means there is no video or spec information available.

Related Products and Customers Also Viewed tabs are below the descriptions on the product pages. Just click on the tab heading to see the related items. Clicking the circles at the bottom of this display block will advance or rewind the horizontal product list so you can see more items.

Your Account Page

The menu is now horizontal instead of vertical, and your orders are all displayed when you open up the page; you don't have to look for or click on Your Orders anymore. :-)  Everything else will work the same.

In General

In general, the images and type faces are a little bigger, things are a little cleaner, and hopefully it's all a little easier to navigate. We tried not to change the fundamentals too much, so you wouldn't have a big learning curve.

There's not much worse than going to a site and having EVERYTHING be different. We've done that before when we couldn't help it, but I think little changes are better. 

I always welcome your suggestions as to how the site can be improved. PLEASE contact me if you have an idea!

Thank you,