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Ways To Incorporate Nonfiction Into Your Literature Unit

Posted by Mary B Collins on Mar 13th 2017

We're living in The Information Age, a time when there is more information about EVERYTHING more readily available than ever before in human history. Yet, ironically, students' knowledge of background … read more

Foreshadowing in Literature: Why Studying It Is So Important

Posted by Mary B Collins on Nov 11th 2016

Being a terrible writer of fiction myself, I've always admired authors who are able to craft their stories with close attention to details, using literary devices like foreshadowing. We typically thin … read more

Allusions in Literature

Posted by Mary B Collins on Nov 2nd 2016

We often define the term allusion when we're talking about literary devices, but did you ever stop to think about the real value of reading literature that is full of allusions--or what you could do w … read more

3 Reasons To Use Rubrics With Every Assignment

Posted by Mary B Collins on Oct 24th 2016

"What the heck is a rubric?" I innocently asked. Turns out, it's just a form specifying the criteria for the acceptable completion of an assignment. It takes some time to create a good rubric, but the … read more

New to Teaching Literature? 5 Things You Should Know

Posted by Mary B Collins on Oct 17th 2016

Some things would have been good to know in my early years of teaching literature. Here are five of them (in no particular order; they're all important): 1. You Don't Have To Know EVERYTHING.First o … read more