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How To Do Project-Based Learning In Your Novel Unit

Posted by Mary B. Collins on Sep 19th 2016

Project-based learning seems to be better suited to science class or history class, but it can also be done in your novel units.That seems counter-intuitive. After all, in project-based units of stu … read more

How To Teach A Novel When Time Is Short

Posted by Mary B. Collins on Sep 12th 2016

Most of us would like to have six weeks to explore our favorite novel with our students, but sometimes that just isn’t practical. Too many other things have to fit into our limited class time. So, h … read more

Tips For Teaching Analytical Reading

Posted by Mary B Collins on Aug 31st 2016

The essence of analytical reading is being able to recognize and understand things that aren’t written on the page by reading that which IS written on the page. Sounds kind of goofy, but it’s true. … read more

​5 Ways To Help Your Students "Get" Shakespeare

Posted by Mary B Collins on Aug 30th 2016

Your Students Should Love Shakespeare! Violence, Romance, Humor ... Something For Everyone No modern movie has anything on Shakespeare. Whether your students like to watch crazy violence, heart … read more

Theme in To Kill a Mockingbird

Posted by Mary B Collins on Aug 29th 2016

What Should Your Students Get Out of Reading To Kill a Mockingbird?More than anything else, your students should learn the importance of learning to walk in someone else's shoes.Harper Lee's classic n … read more