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The Call of the Wild Dual Language Pack

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The Call of the Wild Dual Language Pack


Help Your Spanish-Speaking Students Participate in Your Novel Study

This Dual Language Pack for The Call of the Wild has English with Spanish side-by-side for:

  • Short Answer Study Questions
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Vocabulary Worksheets
  • 5 Unit Tests With Multiple Parts (Matching, Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Vocabulary) 

Based on the LitPlan Teacher Pack materials, these reproducible resources are an awesome tool for teachers with Spanish-speaking students.

Do you have one or more Spanish-speaking students in your English class? Sometimes it's hard for them to participate in the classwork related to the novel and hard to assess their understanding. With these English-Spanish side-by-side resources, your students will really understand the questions and answers related to the novel  The Call of the Wild, and you will be able to have a meaningful and accurate assessment of their understanding of the novel.

You do not need to have our LitPlan to use these materials; these English-Spanish novel study guides can stand alone.

Help your Spanish-speaking students:
--understand your class discussions better
--be better able to understand the questions you are asking
--be better able to show what they understand about the book
--successfully take and pass quizzes and tests
--grow their English vocabulary

You do not need to know Spanish to use these materials. The whole point is to help you and your Spanish-speaking students to be able to communicate more effectively about the novel.

92 pages; answer keys included