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The Great Gatsby: A Common Core Approach

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Files are available for downloading for 90 days. You may download files up to 5 times to get them onto your own devices for your own use. INCLUDES 2 files: Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook
The Great Gatsby: A Common Core Approach




Looking For Literary Analysis and Discussion Activities For The Great Gatsby?
Guide your students through literary analysis of The Great Gatsby with this series of lessons and activities made wtih the purpose of encouraging close reading and critical thinking!

Our CCAT guides are all about analysis and discussion grounded in a close reading of the text, focusing on:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Analyzing Passages
  • Character Exploration
  • Figurative Language
  • Elements of Fiction and Literary Devices
  • Meaning and Inferences
  • Writing Activities


  • Grade-appropriate CCSS are specified for each lesson.
  • Lesson plans with objectives & activity directions are included.
  • Reproducible student materials, worksheets, and discussion guides are included.
  • Answer keys are included.
  • A PDF Student Workbook file is included; you can print out a whole workbook (or desired pages) to go along with your novel study for your students.
  • Teacher's Guide is 266 pages; Student workbook is 130 pages.

Note: There are no traditional tests or vocabulary worksheets. Our LitPlan for The Great Gatsby has these kinds of materials.