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Animal Farm LitPlan Critical Thinking Edition (Download)

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Item #:113LPCT
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Animal Farm LitPlan Critical Thinking Edition


With this LitPlan Critical Thinking Edition of Animal Farm, you still get all these great features of standard LitPlan Teacher Packs:

  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Reading Assignments
  • Study Questions (short answer format)
  • Quizzes (multiple choice format)
  • Vocabulary Worksheets
  • Detailed Writing Assignments 
  • Oral Reading Evaluation
  • Individual and Group Activities
  • Review Activities and Games
  • Multiple Unit Tests
  • Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches
  • Additional Worksheets
  • Bulletin Board Ideas
  • Related Topics for Research
  • Reproducible Student Pages
  • Interactive whiteboard friendly pdf file


  • CCSS Aligned
  • More In-Depth Novel Study
  • More Emphasis On Critical Thinking Skills
  • More Emphasis On Critical Reading Skills

190 pages including answer keys