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Medea Lesson Plans Combo Pack

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Medea Lesson Plans Combo Pack

Big Savings With This Lesson Plan Combination Pack For Medea!

Get the LitPlan Teacher Pack, Puzzle Pack, and Q&A Presentation for Medea by Euripides together and enjoy BIG savings.

This bundle of lesson plans for Medea includes daily lesson plans, activities, vocabulary work, study questions, tests, writing assignments, puzzles, games, worksheets, slide presentations with the study and discussion questions and a whole lot more...available instantly as downloads.

Though each of these products (LitPlan, Puzzle Pack, Q&A) can be used independently, they are actually designed to be used together, providing a variety of materials for different teaching and learning styles.

Here's What You Get for $24.95:

Medea LitPlan Teacher Pack:
Essentially a complete teachers guide for the play, this LitPlan Teacher Pack includes lesson plans and reproducible resource materials for Medea by Euripides. 182 pages. PDF

  • 20 Daily Lessons
  • Short answer study questions
  • Multiple choice quiz questions
  • Vocabulary worksheets for each reading assignment
  • 3 detailed writing assignments
  • Individual and group activities
  • Critical thinking discussion questions
  • 5 unit tests (2 short answer, 2 multiple choice, 1 advanced)
  • Evaluation forms
  • Review puzzles & games
  • Bulletin board ideas
  • Reproducible student materials
  • And more!

Medea Puzzle Pack:
Here's a whole manual full of puzzles, games, and worksheets related to Medea by Euripides. 130+ pages. PDF

  • 1 Unit word list & clues
  • 4 Unit fill in the blank worksheets
  • 4 Unit multiple choice worksheets
  • 4 Unit magic squares
  • 4 Unit word searches
  • 4 Unit crosswords
  • 32 Unit bingo cards
  • 1 Vocabulary word list & definitions
  • 4 Vocabulary fill in the blank worksheets
  • 4 Vocabulary matching worksheets
  • 4 Vocabulary magic squares worksheets
  • 4 Vocabulary word searches
  • 4 Vocabulary crosswords
  • 4 Vocabulary juggle letter review worksheets
  • 1 Master set of vocabulary flash cards
  • 32 Vocabulary bingo cards
  • Answer keys to all worksheets & puzzles


  • Unit words are character names, symbols, places, etc. and are the same words used in the LitPlan Teacher Pack.
  • Vocabulary words are chosen from the play and are the same words used in the LitPlan Teacher Pack.
  • You can print all pages or selected pages of the Puzzle Pack.
  • Uses: Great to refresh your LitPlan Teacher Pack, for review, extra credit, reinforcement work, substitute teacher days, work for students who finish in-class assignments early, unit test sections, and more!

Medea Q&A Presentation:
With our Q&A slide presentation for Medea by Euripides, you can project question and answer slides for your whole class to interact with.

  • Short Answer Questions & Answers
  • Multiple Choice Questions & Answers
  • Essay/Discussion Questions
  • Contents & Menu Navigation
  • Slide-to-Slide Navigation


  • Short answer and multiple choice questions are listed by play section. Essay/discussion questions are for the whole play.
  • All questions are taken from our LitPlan Teacher Packs, but you don’t need to have/use the LitPlan to use this slide presentation.
  • Short answer and multiple choice questions come in both QQQAAA and QAQAQA formats.
  • Although this works sort-of like a PowerPoint, it uses Adobe Flash, so no expensive software program is needed. Flash comes already installed on most computers, and if yours doesn’t have it, you can download it for free.

Copyright Information

  • All of these materials are copyrighted.
  • The purchaser (one user) may reproduce the student materials for use in his/her classroom only.
  • Do not post any of these files to the Internet; that is a violation of copyrights.
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