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  • Fahrenheit 451 Common Core LitPlan

Fahrenheit 451 Common Core LitPlan

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Product Description


This Common Core LitPlan for Fahrenheit 451 has two parts: the Student Workbook and the Teacher's Guide. Both parts are included in one giant edition (344 pages). 

How Is This Different From The LitPlans I've Ordered Before?

  • The biggest difference is the amount and depth of content. The new LitPlans really help you lead your students through a very close reading of the book.
  • CCSS alignments are stated for each lesson and activity.
  • Extended vocabulary study including "Words In Practice" and Cloze Passages
  • New Study Questions for each reading assignment
  • Character Notes for each reading assignment
  • Events And Points Of Interest for each reading assignment
  • Passages For Discussion for each reading assignment
  • Lessons for each of the main elements of fiction as they pertain to the book
  • Additional lessons and activities for each reading assignment
  • All new mix-and-match unit test sections with multiple variations for matching, short answer, extended answer, quotations, and vocabulary
  • New puzzles in the additional resources section
  • Arranged for a chronological/sequential study of the novel by reading assignment and then whole book study
  • The student materials are all gathered in one place, in the beginning of the manual, and are arranged for a sequential study of the book. The teacher's guide follows the Student Workbook pages.
  • Suggested answers and discussion guides for all questions and activities

The first lessons focus on in-depth comprehension of the main elements of the reading assignments, the next lessons each focus on a different Element of Fiction as applied to the whole book, and finally there are additional lessons and activities for each reading assignment. Worksheets, graphic organizers, written assignments, oral work, quizzes, and puzzles can be used as assessments. Multiple versions of matching, short answer, extended answer, quotations, and vocabulary tests can be mixed-and-matched for a whole-unit assessment.

What's Inside this Common Core teacher's guide for Fahrenheit 451?


Common Core LitPlans: Fahrenheit 451

7 Student Workbook Contents

150 How to Use This Guide
151 Lesson One
152    Vocabulary Reading Assignment 1
156 Lesson Two
162 Lesson Three
163     Quiz Reading Assignment 1
165     Character Notes Reading Assignment 1
166     Events and Points of Interest Reading Assignment 1
167 Lesson Four
168     Study Questions Reading Assignment 1
171     Passages for Discussion Reading Assignment 1
172 Lesson Five
173     Vocabulary Reading Assignment 2
177     Writing Assignment 1
178 Lesson Six
179     Quiz Reading Assignment 2
181     Character Notes Reading Assignment 2
182     Events and Points of Interest Reading Assignment 2
183     Study Questions Reading Assignment 2
186     Passages for Discussion Reading Assignment 2
188 Lesson Seven
189     Vocabulary Reading Assignment 3
193     Oral Reading Evaluation
194 Lesson Eight
195     Quiz Reading Assignment 3
197     Character Notes Reading Assignment 3
198     Events and Points of Interest Reading Assignment 3
200     Study Questions Reading Assignment 3
204     Passages for Discussion Reading Assignment 3
207 Lesson Nine
208     Vocabulary Reading Assignment 4
212     Writing Assignment 2
213 Lesson Ten
214     Writing Evaluation
215 Lesson Eleven
216     Quiz Reading Assignment 4
218     Character Notes Reading Assignment 4
219     Events and Points of Interest Reading Assignment 4
220     Study Questions Reading Assignment 4
222     Passages for Discussion Reading Assignment 4
225 Lessons Twelve Through End
226     Lesson: Historical Context
229     Lesson: Point of View
231     Lesson: Setting and Conflict
233     Lesson: Character Development
243     Lesson: Symbolism
259     Lesson: Theme
267     Discussion Activity: Censorship
269     Activity: Exploration of Additional Themes
272     Lesson: Use of Language
279 Additional Lessons, Activities, and Assignments
281     Comic Strip Characters (Reading Assignment 1)
283     Clarisse’s Poem (Reading Assignment 1)
285     Back In The Day (Reading Assignment 1)
288     Writing Technique (Reading Assignment 1)
289     Are You Happy? (Reading Assignment 1)
291     What’s In Your Window? (Reading Assignment 1)
293     Play The Man, Master Ridley (Reading Assignment 2)
295     Books, Books, Books (Reading Assignment 2)
297     Dover Beach (Reading Assignment 3)
300     TV Favorites (Reading Assignment 3)
302     Judging A Candidate (Reading Assignment 3)
304     If I Were A Book (Reading Assignment 4)
305     The Things That Must Be Thought (Reading Assignment 4)
306     Ecclesiastes (Reading Assignment 4)
309 Unit Tests
335 Additional Resources

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